Lyric 305 GHOST by Tyson Beckford - Limited Edition Voodoo

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305 GHOST'S Stand-Out Features

65+ MPH Top Speed

Effortlessly keep up with traffic when the need arises

18,000 Peak Watts

Access that higher power to accelerate fast, climb hills with ease, and carry up to 400 lbs

55-65 Mile Range

No range anxiety here folks

On-Board EV Station Charger

Long rides? No problem... You can now re-charge on the go!

Key Features

Powerful Motor

The 305 GHOST flaunts a powerful 6000 watt mid-drive motor that will keep your heart racing. With 18,000 peak watts and 240 nm of torque to the wheel, you’ll blast off the line and effortlessly keep up with traffic. And hills? They don’t stand a chance… even with a heavy load.

EV Station Charger

Recharge at EV stations while on the go! This is a complete game-changer, as it makes long trips possible. Plus you can easily remove the "tank top" for in-home charging.

ASI Controller

Compact, reliable, fast and powerful, the ASI BAC 4000 is the upgraded controller of choice, but it comes standard on every GHOST. With the smoothest power delivery, you’ll feel the tranquillity as you accelerate and decelerate.

Monoshock Suspension

The GHOST is a smooth operator thanks to its Fast Ace motorcycle fork and monoshock suspension. From top-speed city riding, to off-road excursions, the stability is almost eerie.

Brake it Down

High speeds require elevated stopping capability. Front and rear Magura 4-piston motorcycle brakes, plus the additional regenerative brakes provide exorbitant braking power. Not only do the variable regenerative brakes put 10% charge back in your battery, they’ll also save you big on brake pad costs.

Sleek Two-Passenger Seat

The GHOST is ready for solo rides or adventures with a friend. The stylish seat can comfortably accommodate two riders.

Light Weight for City Living

Convenience is key, so we made the GHOST light and small enough for condo living. Motorcycle bad-assery, with 1/3 of the weight at only 165 lbs.

Bells & Whistles

Ride into the sunset and back with DOT approved lighting to light up the night. Turn signals, mirrors and a horn keep you safe in traffic. And your full color LCD display puts power at your fingertips, tracks your ride stats, and keeps your devices charged on its USB plug.

Register & Insure

Each GHOST comes with an off-road VIN and includes DOT-approved lights and mirror kits, so you can register and insure your ride. Check your local laws for registering an off-road VIN as on-road vehicle).

Tried, Tested & True


I have looked into many of the other eBike companies making similar products and I can tell you that everything Lyric is doing, the others are not. Quality parts and product with thoughtful design. They’re doing great things and once you ride their bikes it will become obvious as to why they are different.

- Gareth Rider -


These guys come up with info, links, advice, service, who, what & where! I am most impressed! A very kind company to deal with. It's not all about, profit & sales, there is more to life than that. Thank you for proving that!

- Max Johnstone - 


Our Service is as good as our bikes


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Detailed Specifications & Geometry

Power, Range & Electronics

Legal Mode: 750W (1KW peak)
Unlimited Mode: 6KW (18KW Peak)
Top Speed Regulated: 20mph
Top Speed Unregulated: 65mph

*NOTE: Speed regulated to 20mph as a class 2 electric bike in the USA. Speed limitations may be removed for use on private land.

Eco Mode: 1KW (2KW peak)
Unlimited Mode: 6KW (18KW Peak)
Top Speed Regulated: 70kmh
Top Speed Unregulated: 105kmh

*NOTE: The Voodoo carries a title of Restricted Use Motorcycle in Canada and is not legal for use on public roads. A valid driver's license is required.

55-70+ miles per charge*

*Range formula used: 50-65 Wh per mile for a 175lb rider at 35-40 mph
+10% added for regenerative braking

72V, 48ah (3456 Wh) with 21700 Samsung 40T cells 

72V, 430 amp ASI BAC 4000 controller

APT 750C display

72V, 15 Amp onboard charger with dual EV J1772 and 110V plug inputs

Optional configurable 5-9 level pedal “drive by wire” cadence sensor

Right side full twist Magura throttle

DOT approved dual projector headlamp
Integrated brake light
DOT approved turn signals 

IP54 rated, internally run, water resistant connectors and wiring harness


4130 powder-coated steel frame 

Custom two-passenger scrambler seat

Mid chassis battery compartment

Magura 4-piston hydraulic motorcycle brakes plus regenerative brake
Regenerative rear motor brakes (recharges battery during braking effort)

428 motorcycle chain and 52 tooth rear sprocket 4.7 reduction
11 tooth motor sprocket

FastAce hydraulic fork 210mm travel
Fast Ace hydraulic adjustable rear shock 150mm travel

FRONT WHEEL DROPOUT: 135mm Hub Spacing
AXLE: 15mm threaded axle with nuts
GRIPS: Magura slip on grips
HANDLEBAR: Alloy handlebar, 5" rise
TRIPLE TREE: Custom designed triple tree

Front 17 x 3.0 Shinko 244
Rear 17 x 4.60 Shinko 244

Front 17” x 2.15”, 36 hole, black
Rear 17” x 3.5” 36 hole, black
Stainless steel, 10 gauge front, 10 gauge rear

Comes standard with painted steel Wellgo platform pedals and rear stainless steel passenger pegs
Optional front stainless steel pegs to switch out pedals

Side-mounted custom designed, adjustable length


120 lbs (55 kg) without battery

BATTERY: 45lbs (21kg) each
MOTOR: 29lbs (13kg)

Fits riders 5'6 - 6'6

18.5" (47cm) cafe racer frame design

1355mm wheelbase

33" standover height


When will I get the bike?

Canadian and US Orders

Orders placed now will ship May 2024.

How fast does the Ghost go?

65+ mph… with an emphasis on the plus ;). In choosing the “top speed”,  we went with the minimum top-speed that anyone riding the Ghost can achieve.

How far can I go?

Electric vehicle range is heavily dependent on the conditions to produce a range estimate, so the answer depends on how you plan to ride, and the weight of the rider(s) and cargo. Small changes to any of these factors create an exponential change to the range of an electric vehicle.

How does it handle hills?

The Voodoo and Ghost have 18KW of peak power, and they are geared for very high torque. So hills, even steep ones, will not be a problem.

Why has the Ghost been changed from a hub-drive to a mid-drive motor?

We changed the motor for a few reasons - performance, reliability and customization.

We know our Voodoo and Ghost customers are performance junkies, and the mid-drive motor enables 50% greater torque (240 nm at the wheel), and increases acceleration. It also removes some of the back wheel weight, which not only provides better weight distribution for stability, it also improves the rear suspension performance.

From a reliability standpoint, we wanted to make the Voodoo and Ghost easy to service. Motorcycle shops aren’t big fans of hub drives, as it’s a lot more work to change a tire, true the wheel, fix spokes, etc. We want the Voodoo to be easy for any motorcycle shop to work on, and the majority of shops won’t help you or will have a tougher time doing the job well if you have a hub drive in the wheel.

Lastly, the mid-drive motor allows for more customization and flexibility. If you want to gear the bike for higher top speed or higher torque, you can more easily change the rear sprocket, without having to change the motor or software parameters. You can also more easily customize the rims.

What are the key differences between the Voodoo & the Ghost?

The Voodoo and Ghost are comparable for both speed and power. The Ghost has scrambler design elements - suspension, fenders, and dual sport tires, which makes it good for both on and off road. The Ghost comes in black, and features a gold fork, carbon tank and red anodized accents.

How many gears does it have?

The bike is a single speed, it doesn’t have gears. Just twist the throttle and go!

What kind of battery does it come with?
  • 72V 48ah high discharge rated battery - Samsung 40T 21700 cell
  • In Watts it is 3456 watts (V x ah: 72x48 = 3456 Watts)
How long does the battery take to charge?
  • With the regular charger? 3.5 hours
  • With the EV charger? 3.5 hours
What kind of chargers does it have?

The Voodoo and Ghost come with two chargers built into the tank-top. It comes with a regular charger and a 110V extension cord that plugs into a household outlet. It also has a J1772 input, that allows you to charge on the go, at compatible EV stations. The power cord is small and easily fits in a pocket so you can take it with you and have the ultimate freedom of plugging in anywhere you are on the go.

What battery testing has been completed?

Our batteries are UN 38.3 tested and certified which is the industry standard for battery safety testing.

What is tire size on each? Are they puncture resistant?
  • Front: 17x3.00
  • Rear: 17x3.25
Does the bike come with pedals or pegs?

It comes with pedals, but pegs can be purchased and easily switched out. We will have the peg upgrade available for purchase soon!

Is there pedal assist?

The Ghost comes in just one size and it fits most from 5’6 to 6’6. The height of the seat is at 32.5” for the Ghost which is similar to the height of many motorcycles.

Seat height

  • GHOST 33.5


  • Wheelbase: 1320mm
  • Seat Height: 830mm
  • Overall height: 1040mm
  • Overall Length: 1850mm
How much does the bike weigh? What is the rider weight capacity?

The Ghost weighs 165 pounds with the battery. The battery weighs 42 pounds on its own.

The weight capacity is 400lbs, excluding the weight of the bike. (Rear Spring rate will need to be adjusted depending on weight)

1800mm overall length
1320mm Wheelbase
825mm Seat Height
1020mm Overall Height
400mm Reach

What class is the Ghost? Do I need a drivers license to ride?

The Ghost will come with an Off-Road VIN. A driver's license is required in some provinces and states to drive an off-road vehicle

To ride the Ghost on the road you will need to transfer your VIN to an on-road classification using the lights and mirrors that come with your bike. Please check your Federal, State, and Municipal laws, to see if this is possible as these can vary widely.

Where can I test ride the Ghost?

We are currently not doing test rides. We will be doing some pop-up shops and attending some expos in the spring / summer, where you’ll be able to test ride. Be sure to join our VIP list if you haven’t already, to stay updated on where we’ll be.

How much does shipping cost?

Regular shipping to Canadian Provinces and the Lower 48 States is included in the price. Additional shipping charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii. Please email us for details.

We are exploring some white-glove delivery options, where the bike would come fully assembled for an additional charge.

Do you have payment plans?

We do, yes! We partner with Klarna in the US, and RBC in Canada. Please click through the appropriate links for more information.