A True Stand Out

I have looked into many of the other ebike companies making similar products and I can tell you that everything Lyric is doing, the others are not. Quality parts and product with thoughtful design. They’re doing great things and once you ride their bikes it will become obvious as to why they are different.

Quite the Company

These guys come up with info, links, advice, service, who, what & where! I am most impressed! A very kind company to deal with. It's not all about, profit & sales, there is more to life than that. Thank you for proving that!

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Real life humans are behind Lyric Cycles, and we LOVE connecting with our customers

One Less Car, Ten More Trees

We believe that the time has passed for transportation as usual. Rush hour traffic with one person in each vehicle needs to stop, there are alternative ways. Our planet's resources are finite. They are running out. As a species we are taking far more than we are giving back.

So, we’re doing something about it and doing our part to give back to the planet. At Lyric Cycles we believe in a future where capable vehicles like our electric bikes can replace a majority of trips taken in urban environments and even replace some people's cars entirely.

We are not just building vehicles that are pleasurable to ride, we view ourselves as part of a larger transportation infrastructure that needs to reduce impact. Please help us participate in this change, get on your bikes and ride!

Every bike we sell plants 10 more trees