2023 Graffiti X



Why did you create two Graffiti models?

With the first Graffiti, we continuously got asked, “why no rear suspension?” We took that to heart, and it got us thinking… what if we split the Graffiti into TWO models? 

We could create a bad-ass bike for urban cruisers looking for a more traditional (yet far from traditional) eBike, with a lower price point.

And for the performance junkies, we could create a full suspension Graffiti, and make it faster and more powerful… give them a little something eXtra if you will.

So that’s what we did.

What are the key differences between 2023 Graffiti and the Graffiti X?
  • Hardtail (Graffiti) vs. full suspension (Graffiti X)
  • 52V (Graffiti) vs. 60V (Graffiti X)
  • Road tires (Graffiti) vs. off-road tires (Graffiti X)
  • Graffiti X is higher in power, acceleration, and top speed
  • Graffiti X comes with a full light package with turn signals on
Which Graffiti is right for me?

This will depend on your use case. 

If you’re an urban cruiser planning to mainly ride in the bike lanes, and stick to the legal eBike speed limit (20 mph), and you’re looking for a lower price point, the Graffiti is probably the one for you.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you live for speed and power, and you want to ride on road and off road, The Graffiti X was made for you!

When can I buy the bike?

We don’t have firm dates yet. We are still in the prototype stage, and we’re taking our time to make sure we get this just right. Make sure you’re signed up to our VIP List, and we’ll let you know when we have dates.

When will I get the bike?

Same as above - we don’t have firm dates yet. We’re targeting a Fall release, but we will keep you posted. Make sure you’re signed up to our VIP List, and we’ll let you know when we have dates.

What is the top speed? Range? Other specs?

As we’re still testing, we cannot yet confirm any specs. But what we can tell you is this… t will be faster and more powerful than the 2022 Graffiti!

Where can I test ride / try the Graffiti X?

We’re not yet at that stage. Please sign up to our VIP List to stay informed.

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