You'll be ready to stop before your Graffiti does


Casually cruise with pedal assist or twist it up a notch to 33 mph with the twist throttle


Life can be high maintenance… your eBike shouldn’t be.


Stand out from the crowd. Heads will turn as you roll by on this stunner.

Key Features

Ride Your Way

With power literally at your fingertips, casually cruise with the 9-level customizable pedal assist, or use the full twist throttle and take it fast and easy.

Power in Spades

The 1000 watt motor has more than enough torque to climb hills with ease, haul your everyday cargo, and accelerate you to 33+ mph top speeds in off-road mode.

Dual Battery Upgrade

Your ride should outlast your route… with our dual battery upgrade, you’ll get an average of 70-80 miles per charge.

Stop On a Dime

High speeds require elevated stopping capability. With 4-piston hydraulic brakes, confidently ride fast, knowing you can stop on a dime if you need to.

Low-Maintenance Design

Life can be high maintenance… your bike shouldn’t be. A completely sealed water-resistant system and carbon belt-drive means your drivetrain is waterproof, rust-proof, and lubrication-free.

Two Passenger Seat

Just like your favorite pair of Chucks, the stylish seat elicits nostalgia and pleasantly endures the long rides. And for the team adventures, commutes or drop-offs, the extended saddle and passenger pegs can accommodate your number two.

Light Weight for City Living

The Graffiti is light and small enough for condo living. It can easily fit in an elevator, can be stored on your balcony or in bike storage lockers, and at just 59 pounds (+9 lbs per battery), you can even throw it on a bike rack.

Extended Rear Rack

The integrated rear-rack is perfect for running errands. For the weekend adventures that involve a cooler, grab the optional rear-extender rack, and you’re good to go.

Turn Heads

The Graffiti oozes style with its unique vintage-inspired design. Get ready to turn heads and provoke envy… everyone will be asking you where you got it.

Tried, Tested & True


I have looked into many of the other eBike companies making similar products and I can tell you that everything Lyric is doing, the others are not. Quality parts and product with thoughtful design. They’re doing great things and once you ride their bikes it will become obvious as to why they are different.

- Gareth Rider -


These guys come up with info, links, advice, service, who, what & where! I am most impressed! A very kind company to deal with. It's not all about, profit & sales, there is more to life than that. Thank you for proving that!

- Max Johnstone - 

Our Service is as good as our bikes


We offer free shipping across Canada and the Lower 48 States. Additional customs fees for Canadian orders may apply.


We provide one year tip-to-tail warranty on our electric bikes. No buyer's remorse here!


Ride now and pay later. Payment plans available for up to 24 months.

Detailed Specifications & Geometry

Power, Range & Electronics

750W (1000W peak)
Top Speed Regulated: 20mph
1000W (2300W peak)
Top Speed Unlimited: 28+mph

*NOTE: Speed regulated to 20mph as a legal class 2 electric bicycle in the USA.

Legal Mode: 500W (1000W peak)
Top Speed Regulated: 32 km/h
1000W (2300W peak)
Top Speed Unlimited: 33+mph

*NOTE: Speed regulated to 32kmh as a legal electric bicycle in Canada.

Single Battery: 35-40+ miles per charge*
Dual Battery: 70-80+ miles per charge*

*Range formula used: 25-30 Wh per mile for a 175lb rider at 15-20 mph with pedal assist

52V, 20ah (1040 Wh) with 21700 Samsung 50E cells, rated for 1000 charge cycles
Optional Dual Battery 52V 2 x 20ah

52V, 33 amp controller

APT 860c Display.

52V, 3 Amp with intelli-charger, 110v

Configurable 5-9 level pedal assist with sealed 12 magnet cadence sensor

Right side full twist throttle with throttle cancel button

6000 lumen 7” DOT Motorcycle headlight
Integrated Tail and brake light
Turn signals not included

IP54 rated, Internally run, water resistant connectors and wiring harness


6061 Custom Aluminium with integrated rear rack

Custom 2-Passenger Scrambler Seat

Single Battery: Under seat mount
Dual Battery: Downtube mount

None: Seat Not Adjustable

Logan 4-Piston Disc Brakes

Veer Belt Drive System
64 Tooth Front Cog (comparable to 44 Tooth Chainring)
Single Speed Freewheel

Air / Spring front Suspension with 120mm travel and Adjustable Rebound

FRONT WHEEL DROPOUT: 135mm Hub Spacing
AXLE: 10mm Threaded Axle with Nuts
GRIPS: Mountain Bike Style Lock On Grips
HANDLEBAR: Alloy BMX Handlebar, 7.5" Rise
HEADSET: Threadless Internal Headset. Straight 1-1/8”

Double Crown Direct Mount, Alloy, Turn Stopper Pin

Built-In Rack with Optional Rack/Pannier extender

20” x 4”, 15-20PSI, Dual Terrain CST Big Boat Tires with built-in puncture resistant layer

20" X 4" with Schrader Valve‍

Alloy, Double Wall, 20” X 100mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black

Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front, 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Silver Nipples

Black Steel Welgo Platform

Side-mounted, adjustable length


59 lbs (27 kg) without battery

BATTERY: 9.2lbs (4.2kg) each
MOTOR: 10.2lbs (4.6kg)

Fits Riders 5'4 - 6'3

18.5" (47cm) Cafe Racer Frame Design

1350mm Wheelbase

31" Standover Height


What are the key differences between the Graffiti and the Graffiti X?
  • Hardtail (Graffiti) vs. full suspension (Graffiti X)
  • 52V (Graffiti) vs. 60V (Graffiti X)
  • Road tires (Graffiti) vs. off-road tires (Graffiti X)
  • Graffiti X is higher in power, acceleration, and top speed
  • Graffiti X comes with a full light package with turn signals on
Which Graffiti is right for me?

This will depend on your use case. 

If you’re an urban cruiser planning to mainly ride in the bike lanes, and stick to the legal eBike speed limit (20 mph), and you’re looking for a lower price point, the Graffiti is probably the one for you.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you live for speed and power, and you want to ride on road and off road, The Graffiti X was made for you!

When will I get the bike?

Canadian Orders

  • Orders ship every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m.

USA Orders

  • Orders received on Monday to Thursday before 7:00 p.m. are shipped the next day.
  • Orders received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before 7:00 p.m. are shipped on Monday.

Transit times vary depending on where you live. Once shipped, you can typically expect to receive your bike in 2-7 business days.

What is the top speed?

Top speed is a function of voltage and the parameters of your motor. Watts are overall power, but they do not dictate top speed. The Graffiti has been designed to deliver more low end torque, and the top speed of the bike, while still fast, is 33+ mph.

How far can I go?

Our general estimate, considering a 175 pound rider, at an average speed of 15-20 mph with pedal assist, will get you about 70-80 miles with the dual batteries. 

eBikes are much more dependent on the conditions to produce a range estimate than cars are, so the answer depends on how you plan to ride, and the weight of the rider(s) and cargo. We recommend using the below range calculator to plug in all your details to get an accurate read on how much range you’ll get based on ALL the factors.

Electric Bike (Ebike) Range Calculator (2022 Updated) - Really Good Ebikes

How does it handle hills?

With 2300 peak watts in a geared hub you’re not going to find a lot of hills that the Graffiti can’t handle.

How long does the battery take to charge?

The charger provided is a single battery 3 amp charger, and each battery takes 5-6 hours to charge from empty.

How long does the battery last? What if I need to replace it?

Batteries in electric bikes are all rated between 800-1000 cycles. A “cycle” is a full drain and full charge. So if you go for a ride and use 30% of the battery and then charge it again it counts as 0.3 cycles. If someone rides every 2-3 days and uses 50% of their battery, then you can expect a battery to last 8-10 years. Its lifecycle will be shorter if you use it more.

Is the battery removable?

Yes, both batteries on the Graffiti are easily removable and can be taken inside for safe keeping / storage. They come with a key to lock them to the bike while you ride and when unlocked, they simply slide forward off their baseplate so that they can be removed.

What are the wheel and tire sizes? Are the tires puncture resistant?

The Graffiti has 20” bicycle wheels. The tires are 20” x 4.0”, 15-20 PSI, dual terrain CST Big Boat tires, and they have a built-in puncture resistant layer.

What type of throttle does it have?

We had a lot of feedback from people on the throttle choice. Thumb throttle vs. twist throttle is an ongoing debate in the ebike community. In the end we have moved our bikes over to full twist throttles. It also has a throttle cancelation button, which allows you to disable the throttle and use pedal assist alone.

What kind of motor does it have?

The Graffiti has a Bafang 1000 watt geared hub which is a popular motor in the ebike space. The longevity of these motors has been well tested and they are very reliable.

What sizes does the bike come in? What’s the seat height?

The Graffiti comes in just one size and the seat height is 31”. We have had riders on the Graffiti from 5’2 to 6”6, but the perfect height range is between 5’4 to 6’4.

How much does the Graffiti weigh?

Weight without the batteries installed is 26kg / 57lbs. Each battery weighs 4.2 kg / 9.3lbs.

What is the rider weight capacity?

The capacity is 325 pounds, which includes the weight of the bike. So approx 250 pounds for the rider without compromising performance. That said, the rider could go up to 300-325 pounds, the bike won't climb hills as easily, will get less range, and will see a hit to top speed. Beyond 325 pounds, the brakes and/or motor may begin overheating, and it becomes unsafe.

Can I ride in the rain? Is it waterproof?

The Graffiti is rated IP54, which is splash proof, so for the most part, the Graffiti can withstand rain without damage to its electric components. However, be aware this is not a guarantee against water damage. Long exposure or parking for long periods in the rain, exposure to freezing / thawing cycles, and the like, can cause damage. That said, the bike has been planned for use in rainy conditions, and tested in the wet weather of Canada’s west coast where it was born.

Can I ride it in the snow?

The fat tires that come with the Graffiti are a city tread, but tires can be purchased that would be more appropriate for snowy conditions. We recommend the Kenda or the CST BFT winter tires.

Like all electric vehicles, range is impacted by colder weather and can cut range by up to 40% in very cold weather. Batteries need to be warmed inside to above 0 C / 32 F before charging to avoid damaging the batteries. If you follow these precautions then you will be able to enjoy winter riding on your eBike.

Where can I test ride / try the Graffiti?

If you happen to live in Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler, BC we would be happy to arrange a test ride for you from our facility in Squamish, BC. We are available by appointment at most times. 

Please check out the Dealer Locator for dealers who carry Lyric Cycles.

We may also have some events or pop-ups where you’ll be able to demo. Please sign up to our VIP List to stay informed.

If you are anywhere else, unfortunately, we cannot offer test rides at this time.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is free to the Lower 48 States. Additional shipping charges apply for Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Once you update your address in the cart, applicable shipping / customs charges will be applied.

Do I need a drivers license to ride?

No, the Lyric Graffiti can be operated as a Class 2 eBike with a 20mph / 32kmh top-speed. For these types of vehicles a license is not required in Canada or the United States. 

Please check your Federal, State, and Municipal eBike laws, as these can vary widely. Typically a top-speed will be prescribed for your area, and we recommend following your local laws. 

The bike can be unlocked in the settings to reach top speed. These settings on the Lyric Graffiti should be used on private land and for off-road use only.

Do you offer financing or monthly payments?

At this time, we offer monthly payments via Klarna in the US, or RBC in Canada. Please check the links for more information on how to proceed with purchase financing. 

Down payments are not currently available.

Do you ship outside of North America

When we ship outside of North America, there would be an additional shipping charge. 

Also, it’s important to note that we cannot predict how customs will respond to the shipment… so any purchases / shipping outside of North America, would be at the buyers' discretion, understanding the risk that your country’s customs could reject / seize the shipment. 

In addition, we can currently only service the warranty in North America. So this would be at your own risk as well.

We would require you to sign off on both of the above.

If you’re willing to accept the risk, we can provide a shipping estimate for you. 

If you'd like to proceed with a shipping quote, please send me your full address.